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Terry Young - Owner

While talking with different ones in the community, they have mentioned there is a need for professional pet sitters. They agree that their pets are more comfortable at home where they stay in their own routine and their own soft beds.

TnT Pet Services is fully insured and veterinary experienced. Our services will give your pets the care and love they need while you are away from them. Because of this need in our community, TnT Pet Services, LLC has been established. Please read our testimonials about the care we have given other client's pets.

I have always had animals in my life and love them very much. We now have Great Danes in our life. They are all rescue. They are a lot of fun and they love their people as well.

Christine Sewell - Animal Care Specialist

I am Christine Sewell. I love animals. All kinds of animals. I drove my parents crazy as a child bringing home every stray - cat, dog or otherwise. Even a few horses that got loose from their owners ended up at our house. I had snake pets, toad pets, horned toad pets, dogs, cats, raccoons and anything else I could drag home.

My first true dog was a puppy born at our home when I was 6 yrs old. I would not let my parents find him another home - stating he was my dog and no-one else could have him. I named him Spotty. He was a little spotted mutt, but we were best friends for 13 years. We did many tricks together including walking on barrels and playing dead - usually at the ball parks for treats.

I currently live on a 3 acre mini farm with a horse, goat, 5 dogs, 3 cats and approximately 45 chickens. My husband, Wayne and I raise and breed Australian Shepherds. We are "Talatigi Aussies".

I currently work with "TNT Pet Services, LLC". I am happy to serve and appreciate the opportunity to care for your pets in your home when needed. Pets are always happiest in their own home and environment. We are here to ensure their happiness and comfort for you.


Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

Provides our unique pet sitters insurance, which contains protection for property in our care, custody and control. This includes your pet, your home, even your house key. Our insurance also provides veterinary coverage for a pet accidentally injured while in our care.

Red Cross Pet First Aid/CPR Certified

Taking care of your pet is a huge responsibility. If your dog or cat suddenly stops breathing or broke a bone, we would know what to do. Pet First Aid is the same as human first aid.

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