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Keeping your pet comfortable in their own home and giving them the care they deserve. 




This will include:



fresh water

food and treats

lots of love

maintaining litter box, 



cleaning bird, gerbil, hamster

rabbit cages

administering medications

Provide non-pet related services such as 

bring in mail, newspaper, trash container placement for pickup, water plants.

Home security such as adjusting lights, blinds, etc.


These things will help to make your home look occupied.


We will come to your home prior to your trip to meet you and your pets, to pick up keys to your home, and to discuss any additional services.  No charge is applied to this initial visit.


Typically we keep keys for future pet sitting, but we can return your key after the service is complete.

There is a $10 key pick-up fee for future pet sitting.


Our policy is to visit at least once a day.  This allows us to address a minor emergency, either with your pet, your home, before it becomes a major emergency.  You will have both a primary pet sitter and a secondary pet sitter.  In the event your primary pet sitter is unavailable, your secondary pet sitter is familiar with your home and your pets and can fill in if necessary.


A contract is provided stipulating you and your pet's individual needs and listing your emergency contact information.  We will also provide a Consent for Medical Care in the event of a medical emergency.


You will also know how your pets are doing while you are away.  We can text, send pictures, and give you updates everyday.  We also leave notes at the end of our visit.


We will leave a reminder for you to call us when you arrive home after your trip.  Your pet's well-being is very important to us, and due to a possibility of a travel delay we will continue to pet sit until we hear from you.

We also take care of farm animals. Horses, sheep, goats, chickens, etc.


You can also e-mail me at:


[email protected]


Thank you!!


               Our Rates 

*Overnight visits: For example:

  7p.m. to 7a.m.--  $75.00. Then the regular visits during the day.

* $18 per visit for up to 30 to 40 minutes

* $5.00 per episode to administer medical care

*Oxford and Pell City areas: $20.00 per visit for 30 to 40 minutes also

                                       *Oxford and Pell City areas: $75.00 - $85.00 for overnights                                                          will depend on how many animals you have.

                                       *$20 to $30 dollars per visit for farm animals. It depends on how

                                        many animals there are and how long it would take us. If you are

                                        outside our regular working area or have special needs, or if you

                                        have many animals, please contact us and we will try to meet your


                                      *To transport your pet locally is $20.00  Vet, groomer, etc.


                                                                   OVERNIGHT VISITS

We offer overnight visits so your babies will not have to stay alone at night. We will stay at night and still make our visits during the day. We will be able to keep an eye on your home while you are away on vacation or if you get called away on an emergency for a few days. Please see our rates above for overnight stays!!



                                                       Home Care Only


                              No Pets?? No problem, we will make your home look lived

                              in while you are away....

                              We can:  water plants indoors and outdoors

                                             water garden

                                             bring in newspaper, mail

                                             turn lights on and off

                                             open and close blinds

                              You will have peace of mind knowing that your 

                              home will be looked after by a responsible person.


                    If issues come up where a professional needs to be called in

                              for example;  electrician, plumber we can be there to let them

                              in to take care of the problem.  We can customize our services

                              to your needs.


                               $12.00 per visit. If overseeing professionals or something more

                                involved there will be extra fees.


                     Relax and Have Peace of Mind While You


                     Are Away from Home!!

e-mail :


[email protected]