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Customer Testimonials

"Upon finding TNT company it was such a blessing because I was trying to find someone whom i could trust with my cats if I had to be gone from them. I phoned TNT and ask to meet with her before I made plans to take a holiday trip with my family. I was phoned each and every night that I was away and was given a full report of that days events. I was greatly pleased with her actions and also greatly pleased to see the love she had for my cats. I would suggest to anyone looking for services concerning their animals to contact TNT. I was very pleased with their prices as well as their performance. Thank you."

- Ceecee Patterson

" As a pet sitter myself, I am very familiar with the responsibilities a pet sitter must have. I met Terry in 2004 when she hired me as her pet sitter to take care of her five dogs and cat. She was one of those clients a pet sitter loves because she took such great care and had such compassion for her pets. A couple of years later I learned Terry was looking for a job. I immediately offered her a position as a pet sitter for my company and have never regretted it. She is kind to all animals, dependable, responsible and an outstanding person in general. She became very attached to many of the pets she took care of and they to her. She has been gone for a few years, now, and clients still ask about her and stay in touch with her. Currently Terry has four rescued Great Danes of her own. Her background as a veterinary assistant also works in her favor. She is able to recognize and address many medical issues a pet may face while under her care. I would trust my pets with Terry any time."

- Susan Foerster , Owner/Manager , G&S Pet Services, LLC

" Leaving our pets behind was our greatest fear, not so with Terry. She gave us updates and we knew they were getting loving care. Terry cared for our dogs and cats for years and we had worry free vacations. We highly recommend her services. "

- Dee Edkins , Housewife

"Terry kept my dog Bob for a couple of days a few years ago while I was in the hospital. Bob had never spent the night away from home but Terry treated her like one of her own pets. I know Terry will do that for any pet she cares for. "

- Ruth Balaity

"Terry started taking care of our Samantha daily from the day we brought her home at 10 weeks old. She took wonderful care of her for over 3 years. When we went on vacation she sent us daily reports and photos before leaving Sam for the night, one vacation she needed closer supervision due to an injury and she took her home with her for the week. I never worried about my baby with Terry taking care of her. She was always there when she said she would be and made sure all was OK before leaving her each time. She was very caring and trustworthy!! When she comes back to our area in Florida to visit she always comes to see us and my baby still goes crazy when she sees her. She cares for each animal as if they were her own."

- Patricia, Mother of Samatha

Terry has been my neighbor for almost three years now and I think the world of her. We have three babies that we love so much. Sissy is 15 years old, Sebastian is 5 and Sadie is 2. Before when we have gone on vacations we have had to board them with the vet or try and find someone to keep them for us. Once we even had to leave them in a kennel and were not pleased at all with that situation. They do not get the individualized attention at any of these places. Last month we needed to make a trip to Minnesota and knew we were going to be gone for at least 2 weeks and just did not know what we were going to do with them. It was about that time that Terry told us she was starting her own business and we were thrilled to death to hear about it and everything that she does while sitting for you. Not only did she take wonderful, loving care of our three babies and our home, but I ran out of one of my medications and she had it over nighted to me. Terry is a very loving and caring person in every way and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She goes beyond what some sitters would do. Our babies still look for her to come over. She took pictures of them and sent to us and let us know each day that they were doing great which meant the world to us just knowing they were happy and able to stay at home. We will definitely use Terry again in the future for the satisfaction of knowing they are in great care and we don't have to worry about them.

-Patsy Merritt

We LOVE TNT PET SERVICES!!! We could not be more thankful for the wonderful care Terri & Roxanne took of our babies for us! Without a doubt the hardest part of traveling is leaving our babies behind and we were given the most peace of mind we have ever had knowing they were in their own home, in the care of someone so loving and compassionate! I tell EVERYONE I know about this gen of a service we've been so blessed to have found!! 


-Lisa Parton

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